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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Polish Sausage with Onion and Green Pepper

When it Saturday evening, I cook as simply as possible. It is my kind of break from a week long of cooking.  The best Saturday evening meals are hot sandwiches.
Simple, easy and inexpensive!
You will need to buy Polish Sausages and good half sub (6in) roles. I just bought some fresh polish sausages at Jewel, buy one get one free; so I did (price per package was $2.89). Also, since I did not have fresh green pepper coming out of the garden nor fresh frozen from the freezer having used the last of my green peppers a few days ago, I had to buy green pepper. Quite a few sales in the area though and picked up a nice one for .89cents as it was under a pound and the price per pound was $1.59.

Take from the pantry list:
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil

First, I like to chop/dice my onion and green pepper
Then I grab for my favorite skillet with the glass cover and melt the coconut oil and olive oil on a low flame.
Never let your oils burn, these oils are so delicate and delicious and good for you and that is why you should immediately add your ingredients to the skillet and get cooking.  Stir frequently and add a few tbs of whatever veg or meat soup stock you have in the fridge. A good cook always has stock available. The secret in being a brainy gourmet is to start a soup at the beginning of the week and let meals morph out of it: other soups, sauces, etc.
You just get a nice piece of meat or whole chicken add some salt, a whole carrot, a whole onion and some herbs and you will have great stock for the week. When making soup, you never add rice, pasta or other vegetables that you cannot remove from the stock. By doing this, you won't be stuck with a whole pot of just one kind of soup that by the second or third day everyone is tried of eating. You can always add veggies and rice/pasta cooked separately to any stock and have a 'new' soup every night.
For instance, I had chicken stock and used that for the Fresh Tomato and Meatball Soup blogged earlier this week. I also used that same stock again to make the base for a marinara sauce (using the last of the meatball mixture from this past week, still fresh)  that will be eaten with linguine on Sunday. 

As the polish sausages cook and the onion and green pepper become transparent, you can take the rolls from the package, cut them open and place in the toaster oven to crisp up the edges.
When you serve, don't forget the Giardiniera (Italian Vegetable Relish- BTW this is the only way my sweetie will eat cauliflower).

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