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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ground Lamb with Mushrooms and Potatoes Parmesan

Price per serving: $3.36 for two people

I love lamb; especially, ground. There are not too many places nearby where I can purchase the ground lamb patties for the price I want to pay. I have the occasion to drive to the nearby town of Lemont and there is a larger grocer there that caters to local ethic residents. The line of meats carried in this store are truly expectational. It seems that newbie Europeans have higher standards. Since I lived in Europe for 12 years, I too appreciate good quality food items; especially meat. Today, I bought a package with two thick lamb patties for just $4.73.
I had some left over mushrooms from Monday night's Chicken Marsala. So, no extra costs there. I have potatoes on hand and parmesan cheese, a nice small chunk of this hard oily nutty flavored cheese can last me two weeks.

Take from the pantry list:
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Garlic Powder
Red Pepper Flakes
Dried Herb Seasonings

In your covered skillet, melt 4 tsp of coconut oil and the same of olive oil. Take our your lamb patties and dress with the sea salt, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and dried herb seasonings- rosemary, mint and oregano. Once the oils come together and start to spit at you a bit, lay the seasoned patties in gently and cover. Get out the left over sliced mushrooms and add them to the covered skillet. On another burner, get you potatoes going in salted, boiling hot water.

Turn your patties over a few times and push gently on them so that their juices run. Cover and continue cooking on med flame until juicy start to run darker pink. If you see that, remove from heat and set aside.
When the potatoes are tender, remove and drain. I just put everything on a large white serving platter and wow, elegant meat and potatoes -garnish with parsley flakes and grated parmesan.
This dish is incredibly tasty, full of flavor and hearty. If you want, you can also buy 2 packages of the ground lamb, make meatballs and follow the above cooking. Instead of potatoes, use wide egg noodles, add heavy cream to the meatballs in their covered skillet and vola - lamb stroganoff!

After every great meal, its clean up time!

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