Friday, November 14, 2014

Lemony Greek Fish with White Scalloped Carrot on a Bed of Fettuccine

Price per serving - $3.27

What a way to end the week, Lemony Greek Fish with White Scalloped Carrot (curved projections cut along an edge) on a Bed of Fettuccine al Pomodoro.

You will need to buy - One 16 oz bag of frozen Tilapia fish (@Aldi $3.99), one large parsnip .54 cents, one large carrot .57 cents, one lemon .50 cents, and one 17.6 oz box of Fettuccine al Pomodoro nests (@Aldi 1.89).

Take from you pantry list:
Heavy Cream - fridge
Parmesan Cheese 
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Garlic Powder
Red Pepper Flakes
Dried Herb Seasoning
*rosemary, oregano, mint

If you bought your fish fresh you won't need to thaw. If you bought frozen like I did then you need to thaw either having set out the bag earlier in the day or using the microwave. Once they are thaw, remove from their individual packages and drain on paper towel. Get out your largest stock pot to cook the Fettuccine noodles, salt and turn flame to high. Once boiling add nests.
Slice your medium onion or large if you like/have. Take out a covered stock pot or cast iron and melt in the coconut oil - 3 tbs and olive oil the same 3 tbs. Turn on the gas or burner to a low flame. Add the onion.  Peel and finely grate your carrot and then along with the onion. Cut fish into large chunks and also add to the onion and carrot. Add 2 tbs of butter and all seasonings to taste. Cover and let simmer.Turn your attention to the nests stirring while they boil in a rapid swirl of hot hot water.
Peel and scallop your parsnip, which means using a potato peeler cut long thin strips, they should curve as you slice along the edge of the parsnip. This root vegetable is delicate, sweet and nutty.
In a covered skillet, add 4 tbs of butter, 2 coconut oil and 3 olive oil and add seasonings above to taste. Now, toss in your scalloped parsnips and cover.
The nests should be near tenderness. Check your cast iron pot with the fish, onion, carrot, which should be bubbling nicely. Grate some Parmesan cheese. Open the lid on the parsnips and add 3/4 heavy cream and 2 tbs of grated parm. Turn off the flame on the fish/onion/carrot, put into serving dish and drench with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Drain the fettuccine noodles and put into a wide low lipped serving bowl, pour over the parsnips in 'Alfredo sauce'.

My wonderful husband asked for a tuna steak as you can see in the picture; presented on the plate with one piece of tilapia along side drizzled with olive oil and a few slices of lemon. By the way, I put a large lemon half on the table for those who like extra lemon... like me. And, additional grated Parmesan on the table for those who like more cheese like my wonderful sweetie. This time, I poached the tuna prior to cooking the fish/onion/carrot. Last time I made yellow fin tuna steaks, I seared them on the stove in my skillet giving a more savory flavor *see previous post for that recipe.

And, as always, after every great meal, its clean up time.

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