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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

St. Bart's Beach ~ Braised Chicken Garlic with Mint in Fruit

Price per serving: $3.79 for two

If you recall, I bought a six piece package of chicken thighs on Monday. I used 3 then to make the Chicken Marsala. Tonight, I am using the other three pieces (which have been in the fridge covered and also covered with garlic, olive oil and fresh dried mint). I will also need to finish up half a green pepper in fridge- to be diced finely and mixed into the rice at a later point.

Turn the oven on to F400. Sprinkle sea salt to taste and some crushed coriander over the chicken. Once the oven is hot, place inside uncovered for 20 min.

Take from the pantry list:

Canned Peaches (unless you have one fresh)

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil

Using a small stock pot, pour in 2 cups of water to cook the one cup of rice. I usually add some salt and fresh dried herbs as well. Once it boils, add your rice. 

In a small sauce pan/skillet, put1 tsp of coconut oil and the same of olive oil. Dice the half of the left over green pepper (mine is still crisp as it was bought fresh on Friday last week.) Once the oils have melted, 'on med flame' add the green pepper, let the pepper sizzle and brown on the edges. Set aside.

Stir your rice.
Turn over the chicken in the oven.

Once the rice is done, you can drain and set aside. Again, check on the chicken. It should be brown on both sides. Open your can of peaches and drain or peel and slice a fresh one (I prefer). Open the oven and place them around the chicken thighs. Close the oven. Return to the rice and green pepper. In the skillet you browned the green pepper in you can add the rice and heat up the mixture on low.
You should see in the oven that the chicken and peaches are bubbling nicely.  It is time to serve.
Take the thighs and peaches from the oven. Grab that favorite of mine, low lipped white serving bowl and place your thighs, then pour over the top the peaches and golden sauce.
On individual plates, you can put a dollop of rice/green pepper mixture using an ice cream scooper.
Truly Yummy!

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