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Friday, January 2, 2015

Eat at Home ~ They Broke Bread...

The Brainy Gourmet says learn to eat at home.

"They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts". Acts 2:46

It is a great idea to eat at home and it is better for you. The Brainy Gourmet is about showing people how to be frugal which means educating people on how to cook at home on a frugal budget... where to get good food (fresh produce and meats) for less money. Also, the Brainy Gourmet shows people how to cook and spread out their pantry and fridge supplies to last a week or even longer. Given that, it was pleasing to read that the idea of cooking and eating at home is catching on and that it is being touted as good for you. In an article, by Baltimore Sun writer Meredith Cohn, we are told about a study that provides cooking and eating at home is better for you. In her article, she wrote that, according to a new research study from Johns Hopkins University, people who eat home cooked meals rather than takeout actually eat healthier foods whether they aim to or not. The studies lead author was Julia A. Wolfson, herself a trained chef. She found that when people cook most of their meals at home they consume fewer carbohydrates, less sugar and less fat than those who cook less or not at all at home. The findings were published in the Journal of Public Health and Nutrition, and analyzed from data acquired through a nationally conducted survey of 9,000 adults. It was found that people who cooked at home tended to rely less on frozen food and were less likely to eat fast food when they dined out.  African- American households were found to cook less at home than white households and people who worked full time away from home cooked the least at home. Speaking as the Brainy Gourmet, from years of participant observations, it was noted that many people just don't know how to cook for themselves nor shop for themselves. Moreover, it was observed that some people are afraid to cook at home, fear of causing harm to themselves and or to their place of living, fear of getting sick given they don't know how to cook.  Some people were observed to fear touching certain foods; raw meat i.e.  What is the solution? Education. Hence, the Brainy Gourmet is here to save the day! Actually, making good food choices and cooking at home can be and should be a nationwide educational program offered in public schools. Anyone ever hear of 'Home Economics'? It is good to share food and life around the dinner table!

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