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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why Everyone Should Love Good Coffee

It should be rich and dark ... like good chocolate

Having lived in Europe for over ten years, I came to love rich dark coffee. Now, when I was little, my grandfather drank strong coffee but he always put milk as he preferred Latte. I drank some of his latte from time to time but always told me not to drink too much as it would put hair on my chest. I wasn't ready for that. Not sure I would want that today but I suppose I could be ready to battle it if it happens since I drink coffee every morning. What about my love of coffee? It has to be strong but not bitter, it has to be rich as in heavy and smooth, like chocolate. It has no bad after taste and it should set your day and mood in the right direction. The philosopher Immanuel Kant said he would not be alive or able to get through a day if not for coffee. I happen to agree.

Rising in the morning, coffee-drinking, writing, reading lectures, dining, walking, everything had its appointed time, and the neighbors knew that it was exactly half-past three o'clock when Kant stepped forth from his house in his grey, tight-fitting coat, with his Spanish cane in his hand, and betook himself to the little linden avenue called after him to this day the "Philosopher's Walk." Summer and winter he walked up and down it eight times, and when the weather was dull or heavy clouds prognosticated rain, the townspeople beheld his servant, the old Lampe, trudging anxiously behind Kant with a big umbrella under his arm, like an image of Providence.

There are plenty of studies out there that tout coffee as a health food and others that say it is not. I just read that it may in fact protect against some serious diseases.  The same can be said about wine. What I say about both is that quality and quantity have to be weighed in. As with wine, the quality of coffee is very important. As far as where coffee comes from as in geography, it is like wine. And, sometimes it depends on if it was a good year or not.  There is a brand I prefer called 'Jacobs Kronung'.  Unfortunately, it is not for sale in most supermarkets or grocery stores... but my little Polish deli carries it and for that I am so thankful.

So Gather round the Coffee Table and Enjoy!

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