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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rib Eye Steak with Philly Poblano

Price per serving for two: $ 4.58

You will need to buy as many rib eye steak as you need. For this dinner, just me and my sweetie, I needed only two. I was lucky to find a package of two USDA Choice Angus Rib Eye Steaks for just $7.97.  Really nice beef. I bought one poblano for less than one dollar and already had potatoes on hand in the pantry and cream cheese left over from breakfast.

Take from your pantry, amount of potatoes you will need as well as olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, and mint.  Turn your oven to F400. Take out your cast iron black skillet and drizzle in some olive oil. You can do the same with a glass dish with the halved poblano. First, give attention to the poblano, halve it and take out seeds, press down into the glass dish. Fill each half with 3 tbs of cream cheese and grated cheese (whatever you have) and then top with grated parmesan and some dried herb seasoning. Pop into the oven once you are up to temperature for 15-18 min. Season your steak to taste and lay in the cast iron skillet. If you like your steak seared then you can do that on high flame for two min. each side. Once, you have seared the meat, move to the oven, I like to use the top shelf for the poblano until crispy, putting the steak on the bottom shelf, cooking to your preference; for medium rare, no more than 7-8 min if previously seared. If you did not sear, then about 8-10 min. depending on your oven quality.
You can now cook your potatoes ... microwave on high for about 4 min.

In very little time you have a steakhouse meal that would cost you more than 9.99 per person or more at most restaurants.

" He who eats meat, eats to the Lord" Romans 14:6

Blessings ~

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