Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gettin Ready for The Game? Junk Food ~ Fun Food!

Like a lot of American kids, I grew up eating fun food, by today's standards that means junk food. Fortunately, my mother made healthy dinners every night and we rarely ate out. So, I think my diet was fairly balanced. I was enlightened though one morning like watching television, having to stay home from school with a cold. The program was the first ever topic made public as far as I knew, 'health food'. The guests on this talk show were living off grid, back then it was easy to do. They grew and or raised their own food. I feel in love with the whole idea of it. Which was a good thing as I look back because I went right to the fridge and threw out everything that was 'junk food'.  For some reason, my parents did not notice it being gone, probably just thought it was eaten... I had four other siblings. Little did they know. Well, I went on a health food binge. I ate only Grape Nuts cereal for breakfast instead of Captain Crunch and gave up bologna for tuna fish, I started to eat more salad and less macaroni and cheese. 

My parents' cupboard looked like many average Americans'...

Today, I could not imagine buying such things as Marshmallow Fluff, Doritos and Skippy Peanut Butter and Cool Aid.  What is interesting though, is that such food was considered Ok to eat; after all, it was FDA approved. It was fun food. I think the most amazing fun food is chip dip. People in many countries around the world have no clue what chip dip is and that it is just fun to eat. However, I suppose that Humus is a kind of chip dip and I bet you can find that many cultures have fun food which is basically simple food that many people (all at once or one sitting) can enjoy together.

With the Big Game (Superbowl) coming up, many a dip will be served. Nowadays, we have healthy dips: spinach dip, guacamole dip, olive oil and fresh garlic dip, cheese dip with veggies, and fruit dip with crackers. I guess we have come a long way Baby!  Maybe, fun food ~ junk food is just Americana... pursuit of happiness! What's on your menu for game day!

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