Monday, January 12, 2015

Beef Stock that Morphs into Tomato Beef Soup and then Beef Gumbo

Price per serving for four: $1.51

For the progression of this soup, I started with a beef stock. This soup metamorphosis will be in three stages. For the initial stock, I used a one pound package of beef stew meat. That package cost $5. 04; from this, I got uses. To that I added one onion which made a deliciously rich stock. Such a stock can be used in other cooking all week long or to make different soups throughout the week or next few days; and, in that case I could divide that $5.04 by 3 or 4. The first transformation was to make tomato beef soup which was used as a first course yesterday evening. To make this soup, I added to the stock of beef stew meat and onion one can of tomato paste at .49 cents. When serving the soup, to each individual bowl, I added bow tie pasta which is Farfalle. When it comes to any gumbo, I prefer rice. However, wanting to use up the Farfalle that was already open, I decided not to use rice. You can. Today, I will use that tomato beef soup to make beef gumbo. To make this more of a meal than a starter, you can add more beef or sausage or meatballs. I will be adding meatballs using ground turkey and pork causing an additional cost of $2.50. You can also use just turkey or a mix of turkey with veal or just veal. I have even on occasion used mild Italian sausage in bulk and made into meat balls. Since I am making a gumbo, I will add frozen okra. This soup could also become a Minestrone instead of a gumbo. However, my bodily system is not able to digest beans and my husband is not fond of them either. One pound package of okra costs $1.69.  From that package, I will get three uses.

Take from your pantry list:
Bow tie pasta - Farfalle
Dried Herb Seasoning

Retrieve the tomato beef soup and any left over bow tie pasta from yesterday, keeping it out/on the side for now. If you are adding any additional meats, get the tomato beef soup to a rolling boil, cut into chunks any sausage you want to add. I like to shake some dried herb seasoning to this. If you will be dropping in meatballs, prepare those first. Once you have a rolling boil, put in your additional meat or drop in meatballs (follow your favorite meatball recipe). Then add any vegetable you like, I prefer okra as it is easier on my system than beans and this soups is a gumbo, not minestrone. Reduce your heat and let simmer for 15 min. In another stock pot, boil water for extra bow tie pasta. I have half a box I would like to use up. Once they are tender, you can add them and any left over pasta directly to the beef gumbo. You can also add any hot sauce if you have the lips for it. If you don't, you can always put a bottle on the table for those that can manage a good drop of Louisiana hot sauce.

Whew Wee!!!

Here is the progression of stock to soups.
First was the simple beef and onion stock to which I added tomato paste for this delicate tomato beef soup.
I could add bow tie pasta to that. However, if I had an idea to use that same soup a second time, the next day, I would add bow tie pasta then, making a new soup for a second time around.
Today, the tomato beef soup morphed into beef gumbo.

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