Tuesday, January 31, 2017

World Foods ~ Beet Root Soup from Poland!

Yes, that is a picture of the Palace of Culture where I defended my PhD in Sociology and Social Psychology. While in eastern Europe, I learned how to cook frugally and to make and to eat beet root soup. Which, is very good on a fall or winter evening; hearty and full of flavor and that comes from fresh beet root cooked in beef hock with bone in for creating a rich beef stock.

Begin by starting a stock from the beef hock or by pulling any stock for that matter out of the fridge or pantry - 4/5cups. To that, add one whole onion chopped which was firstly sauteed in butter and olive oil or beef fat as that would be the traditional means for cooking the onion.

Once the onion is browned on the edges, add to the stock. Next, drop in a pinch of salt along with dried herbs: rosemary and mint. 

Lastly, wash and peel two large fresh beet root and cut into chunks or even shredded to be added  directly to the beef hock stock with onion.  Cover and simmer for 2 hours on low heat. Serve along with a rolled pancake filled with hot ground meat.

* a richer flavor will come through if you prepare the stock the day before...

~Tutti a Tavola!

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