Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday ~ Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with Fresh Baked Bread!

Sunday supper in late January means hot homemade chicken soup with fresh baked bread. The best part is that it can be made so fast, its almost as 'magic' as the snowfall.  Of course, the bread dough can be prepared earlier in the week and kept refrigerated. If you're not a baker, then buy fresh baked.

In the middle of the afternoon, I put a huge pot of water to boil on the stove that would become rich chicken stock by the late evening. And, it did using only chicken thighs with the skin on bone in, salt to taste and one large tbs of organic chicken bouillon. The only other thing to be done was to cook separately the wide egg noodles (never include pasta or rice in any stock that would be soup).  Pasta and rice should be kept out of the stock and served in ...individual bowls. This way, the stock can become another kind of soup as the week progresses: tomato soup, minestrone soup i.e.

About an hour before serving, I baked a small round of bread. When we sat to the table it was steaming hot and ... fresh creamy butter to top it. So, good that you might think you were eating in someone's country kitchen located somewhere in the south of France or north of Italy...

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