Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Learning to Be a Brainy Gourmet Home Cook!

If you have been to the Brainy Gourmet Webpage, then you know the Brainy Gourmet's top ten brainy tips to cooking good food at home. 

1- Butter is the best fat with multiple uses: sauteing, searing and as a catalyst for sauces.
2- Heavy cream is the perfect finishing ingredient to create any sauce for meat or fish, pasta or vegetable side.
3- Garlic, shallots or onions are staples that will enhance all dishes you want to prepare.
4- Fresh Herbs that are either fresh from the garden or fresh dried are a must: rosemary, mint and oregano are simply the best for any dish.
5- Wine, white and reds are great for cooking, reducing, seasoning and serving with dinner.
6- Eggs, when you have eggs in the refrigerator, you always have the makings of a meal. Cook them boiled, poached, baked, scrambled, or as a soufflé, fried or in an omelet.
7- Cheeses which can be shredded, grated, and melted to make any meal more special.
8- Potatoes are great to have on hand and considered a healthy vegetable; boiled, baked, or roasted, whipped or even as pancakes provide an excellent hearty side dish to any meat or fish.
9- Tomatoes are a healthy accompaniment to many dishes and used in many sauces/salads.
10- Pasta and Rice are the best and simplest sides to have on hand in the pantry.

As for basic seasonings, salt, pepper, garlic powder and fresh dried herbs: rosemary, mint, oregano and sage from time to time. You don't need exotic seasoning!

Many people don't like to or want to cook at home because it seems like a lot of work as in strictly following recipes. Being a brainy gourmet means you don't really need recipes. You just need know how and know what you like cooking... 

To get started, test yourself by using only the basic items, a gourmet dinner can be creamy potatoes baked with cheese - Au gratin. Most of all, trust your nose and your taste buds. The Brainy Gourmet can does it and so can you.... follow along, innovate and eat good food at home.

*the very same top ten items are recommended by renown chef ~ Eric Damidot

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