Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good Kitchen Keeping Makes a Happy Brainy Gourmet!

For most people, the very idea today of housekeeping and cooking is absolute drudgery. However, housework and cooking can be therapeutic, you get time to think and get some exercise.  All in all, when your kitchen is well organized cooking at home is easy.

The best cooking appliance is a cook-top. Why? Because it does not look like a giant monster machine. There is the option then to keep pots/pans and skillets tucked underside for accessibility. You should be able to open a door and grab what you need without looking for it. It is helpful to know where your pots and skillets are just by touching the handle. 

It is also brainy not to stack Teflon pots/pans/skillets one inside the other without some kind of protection. Try using a cardboard cake bottom. When using Teflon or any hard treated coated pan, the best utensil choice is bamboo.

If you don't have a big kitchen with a huge island, don't worry. In fact, a cook needs only so much elbow room. An expanse is too much and time is wasted traveling from the sink to the fridge and to the cook-top/stove. If you have limited counter top space, get a small marble top island on wheels.

When it comes to wood cutting boards, a European Beach-wood round block 14 in diameter is enough and easy to maintain: clean with regular vinegar and massage with olive oil.

Any or all ceramic/glass bowls when stacked one inside the other should be protected. You can use either white or brown butcher paper, bubble wrap or air-pack sheets from shipping boxes between each bowl. In this way, your bowls don't get chipped or damaged as easily.

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