Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Reminding ourselves what can be done with chicken stock!

The Brainy Gourmet is about frugality and good food. Being frugal means getting the most out of something. The number one food in my opinion that you can get the most from is chicken stock. So, what can you get from chicken stock?

1- Chicken Soup
2- Tomato Soup
3- Minestrone Soup
4- Cream of Broccoli
5- Cream of Asparagus
6- Cream of Butternut Squash

Not only soups...

Chicken stock can be used for all kinds of cooking: Italian, Chinese, Mexican, French and many more. How/Why? It is a flavor builder and liquid provider to any cooking. The key to changing things up using stock is not to add 10 different ingredients. Stock can become any soup at any time if you keep it stock.

So, put a chicken in a pot and get cooking!

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