Monday, April 20, 2015

Simple Food ~ Simple Pleasure


...smothered with sauteed ground pork gravy. So, simple and so so tasty. I learned to make this dish while I was in eastern Europe. Pierogi is a basic food there and if you have any left over meat and gravy, you can make a sauce for pierogi. You can of course use fresh, but being frugal means using what you have. So, if yesterday you cooked ground pork breakfast sausage and had some left over, you can use it today. Biscuits and gravy utilize the same frugal principle.

You will need to buy a package of potato pierogi. To cook, you just boil in salted water til tender. As for the sauce, saute any ground meat you happen to have and make a gravy or add any gravy you happen to have on hand. I like to top with a few crispy bacon pieces or crumbles and sour cream on the side....Jest Bardzo Smaczny!

*if I am making a gravy, I use as little flour as possible, so the gravy is full of meaty flavor!

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