Monday, April 27, 2015

Ground Veal Patties with Sun Dried Tomato Mayonaise

Price per serving for two: $2.35

You will need to buy one pound of ground veal and dry bread crumbs if you don't have in the pantry. As for the sauce, this is a delicious homemade mayonnaise with mashed sun dried tomatoes. For that you will need to have: 2 egg yolks and one whole egg at room temperature, 1 tablespoon freshly-squeezed lemon juice,1 tsp Dijon-style mustard,1/2 teaspoon salt and a big pinch freshly-ground white pepper plus, about 2 cups of either vegetable oil or olive oil. All of that goes into your blender (except the oil) for about 10-15 seconds and or until nicely creamy.  Now, with the blender running, ever so slowly add the oil, even a drip at a time to get the consistency right. I like to scoop out the meat of a few sun dried tomatoes and put that in last just folding in without the blender. 

Take your ground lamb and shape into patties. Pat them in plain dry bread crumbs. In a covered skillet, melt in 3 tbs of coconut oil and the same of olive oil. Add your seasonings. I prefer garlic powder, red pepper flakes, sea salt along with some ground white and black pepper plus dried mint, rosemary and oregano. 
Once your skillet and seasonings are sizzling, lay in your patties. I like to sprinkle on some additional dried herbs. Brown on both sides and then cover and simmer for 12 min. on low heat, turning them over from time to time. 

Prepare you side, my sweetie loves meat and potatoes, so I am preparing some creamy golden yellows. For quick results, just wash, pierce and microwave on 5-6 min. 

Set the table, put out your mayo and serve - a quick simple yet incredibly tasty dinner. 

*a buttered crusty sourdough muffin makes nice company

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