Monday, March 23, 2015

Swiss Steak with Pierogi

If you are lucky to get good beef, then you know the taste isn't comparable to anything super market store bought. I am lucky to have family that raise their own Angus. I love being with my granddaughter, she is a real cowgirl... takes after me. We were together just the other day. And, for my babysitting, I was treated to a beautiful lean top round steak.

Well, if you know I do ...what to do with a lean top round steak, then I don't have to tell you- Swiss Steak. The key is good beef, lots of onions in olive oil, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and dried herb seasoning. Cut your steak into small pieces, but not chunks. Brown with onions, olive oil and seasonings on med heat, and cover for 10 min on low to get the juices flowing. Then you add your tomato paste or even left over homemade tomato soup jarred in the fridge will do with a little thicker to get the necessary gravy. 
You can peel and boil potatoes to mash or use potato filled pierogi like I did for this meal. That's it and don't be surprised if everyone calls you the best cook ever!

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