Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sharing and Eating Food ~ Blessings we Bestow

Food is not just about sustenance to keep the body going. When we share food and eat food together, we share in what it means to be human. In this sharing, we bless each other with our presence. When we cook for each other, we show our love and concern for others. I posted about how studies suggest that cooking made us human. What we understand from that is that cooking brought people together in a different way... different than any other activity. Yes, of course, people can move about together and eat as they go. But, animals do that in the pasture or open range.

Cooking food and sharing that food in one place is much more than just 'herding' for protection while grazing. We can even see how the division of labor occurred through settling and cooking in a place. Cooking caused a fundamental change in terms of social cohesion, a change that was evolutionary.

In sum, cooking and eating is a positive social phenomenon. Effectively, we bless those we love by taking the time to prepare a meal and to eat with them and others in a designated space 'set' especially for the sharing of that prepared cooked food (essentially meat which grew the brain) - a meal was born in the human mind and heart. We can see how dinner time has evolved ...establishing place settings; one can imagine then how all human civilization and human celebrations came to be; i.e. from the Evening meal to Thanksgiving and even the Wedding feast. Cooking has made us socially evolve! Let's not regress.

Bestow blessings everyday!

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