Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Kitchen using Simple Fruits/Veggies of the Season

First a Brainy Reminder ~

The Brainy Gourmet has always been about flavor and frugality. The idea is to show that meal preparation at home can be simple and delicious. You don't need to scrutinize over a recipe and buy expensive ingredients that you may never like or want to use again. On the right margin of this blog, you will find the basic pantry list followed by an extended list.

Get started with the basic pantry list. Begin by making creamy home-style potatoes au gratin without a recipe. Really, its a no brainer. Wash, peel and slice yellow gold potatoes, layer in a baking dish with butter, salt (a pinch only) heavy cream and grated cheese. Bake! If you can do that, you can do all the brainy dishes. And, if potatoes au gratin is a bit too ambitious yet, then aim for summer fruits and veggies.

For today's dinner menu, consider a summer kitchen grill using fruits and veggies of the season as sides. I for one love apricots. You can pan fry in butter or coconut oil until seared and just caramelizing; they can be used to top any grilled meat. I also recommend stir fried root veggies or garden fresh zucchini sticks.

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