Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baked Brie ~ A Simple, Delicious No Brainer...

You don't have to be dramatic to be brainy. But, your family will think its a staged event when you serve baked brie with either a cold tomato gazpacho or a hot garden goulash and serve dinner in the backyard...

Buy as many small round brie as you think you will need. And for every two brie, one pop open packaged croissant dough. Simply wrap each brie until covered, set on a non stick baking sheet and bake at 350 until golden brown.

While they bake, prepare a quick cold tomato gazpacho or a hot garden goulash. Either or takes pretty much as long as the brie does to bake. For either, dice finely: fresh tomatoes, onions and green peppers along with zucchini if you do the goulash.

The cold soup 'gazpacho' can be done in a blender. The goulash can be done on the stove top... the key to quick cooking time is dicing all veggies finely. If you prefer larger 'chunks' that's fine only the cooking time will be a bit longer; and, use a bit of fresh tomato juice as a starter base.

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