Monday, August 7, 2017

Potatoes ~ Au Gratin or Not...They are Delicious!

In a recent post, I suggested that readers start cooking 'blindly' (without a recipe) making potatoes au gratin, i.e; after all, its just potatoes, butter, heavy cream/sour cream and cheese. Bake it and eat it. All those ingredients are simple basic ingredients which should always be in your pantry/fridge.

If au gratin is not to your taste but you happen to like potatoes and want to begin cooking the Brainy way - without a recipe... then just fix potatoes. Wash em, peel em, boil em, bake em, fry em, mash em, or whatever... potatoes as a side with any meat/fish or served as a meal all by themselves... can be truly scrumptious!

I happen to like mashed potatoes with my butter and sour cream if you know what I mean... especially when eating them alone :-)

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