Thursday, August 31, 2017

Get Pasty ~ Brainy Ingredients!

Many cultures use pastes to thicken, to marinate in, to simmer in, to roast or stew with. A meat or vegetable stock paste adds flavor and thickens, tomato paste as well; both stock and tomato paste can be bought at any grocer. There is one basic paste you can make yourself is called 'roux'. This is a French name for clarified butter mixed with flour to create a paste that you can use to thicken any sauce, gravy or even mac and cheese with.

Chicken stock paste...

On the side margin of this blog, readers can read about basic ingredients of which there can be found listed: soup stock and tomatoes. Any brainy gourmet knows that its wise to have these basic items on hand at all times either in the pantry or cold storage.

Of course, you can make your own stock (which is not a paste) using any meat of vegetable to flavor enhance or add liquid to whatever you are cooking. However, in our busy world, there is little time to spend in the kitchen. Having at least these two pastes: stock and tomato paste can be of great service to any brainy gourmet. Both can be used as concentrate (in limited amounts) or diluted amounts to bolster liquids already forming as you cook.

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