Friday, August 25, 2017

Apricots and Elderberry ~ Wow em!

Fruits are coming into season and we often forget that many fruits can be baked, stewed and even sauteed to compliment any meal or made into juice, sauce, syrup and jam.

Consider apricots... wash, halve and saute in butter


My mom would make apricot wine too but its a recipe that will always be her secret. She also made excellent wild elderberry jam. Many people don't know what elderberry looks like and that it grows wild freely and can be picked along roadsides. 

You will have to pick a lot and then cook them down, stem and all. Once cooked down into a frothy juice, strain out stems and skins through a tight webbed strainer. Return to the stove in the same pot and add sugar to taste and sweeter is better.

Put the thick sauce into hot clean jars and a 1/8 tsp of pectin to top it off, lid the jar, seal and process. If you prefer step by step: Here is a link that does just that.

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