Monday, April 10, 2017

What is the Brainy Gourmet Really About?

If you think this blog is like any other food blog, then you haven't been a follower for long. The Brainy Gourmet was started as a food ministry which means it was to be about and is about eating delicious tasty food and cooking that food in the most frugal way possible. That equals - frugality. If you never heard of that word or never practiced frugality, then you are now being introduced.

Frugality is the practice of being frugal which means limiting expenditures as in money or as sparing the use of material resources.  It is the simple art of being thrifty. And, now you wonder what for, right? For the purpose of getting the most out of your money spent, or value for your money spent.

Think of it as a means to get ahead in life... Yes, eating well and feeling good about the value of food for the money spent is getting ahead. The braininess is in this... why make a whole pot of just one kind of soup that you have to face as in look at and eat for the next five days???

That may save money but it is not really being frugal. Where is the creativity, the excitement you get from a new creation and the happiness you bring to your family when they see a new kind of soup on the table prior to the main course? That is the kind of frugality I have been talking about and talked about on previous blogs.

Being frugal does mean being creative so that no one knows you are being frugal. That's my point and what the Brainy Gourmet has always been about. I have shown on this blog how to start with a stock (meat/vegetable) and get up to four kinds of soup from it throughout the week or 5 day period.

I have demonstrated how to buy certain basic foods that can morph into all kinds of meals and no one would dare call any of them left overs because they would not even know that you changed last night's chicken cacciatore into today's risotto.

Take a look at the basic pantry list on the side margin and start being creatively frugal with those items; i.e. potatoes, cream, bread crumbs and cheese becomes an amazing au gratin. Then check out the expanded pantry list. You can also find the basic list on the Brainy Gourmet Webpage, clicking on Brainy Tips.

So, get cooking the frugal brainy way!!!  "She provides food for her family" Proverbs 31:15.

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