Saturday, April 22, 2017

Beets ~ A Brainy Treat!

3 Reasons to eat beets!

1. Red beets have been proven to be a source rich in essential vitamins like vitamin C. Vitamin C is widely known as a potent combatant against the common cold. Vitamin C also guards against nasty diseases like scurvy, which will occur if you are vitamin C deficient. Scurvy manifests itself physically through spongy gums, spots on your skin, and even bleeding from your mucous membranes.

2. Red beets are a rich source of betaine which is vital to good cardiovascular health. Betaine's purpose is to lessen your body’s concentration of homocysteine, a substance which is hurtful to your blood vessels in the sense that it can contribute to peripheral vascular disease, stroke and heart disease.

3. Red beets can be made into beetroot juice which has been actually shown to reduce high blood pressure, a godsend for people with hypertension and those looking to avoid cardiovascular dilemmas.


This weekend, try making a shredded beet root salad. First shred cooled (washed/peeled/cooked til tender yet firm) beet roots (as many as you like) and then drench in an organic virgin olive oil, a little sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and some chopped green parsley, serve...a super healthy side dish to any meal. 

For a brainy quick borscht (beet root soup) just boil some fresh washed/peeled and diced beets in beef stock.

~ That's being brainy.  

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