Saturday, April 22, 2017

Brainy Home Cooking in Family Life!

Most home cooks are good cooks at home. That is probably true because they love cooking at home and have a sense of basic know how. But even if you don't love cooking because you think you lack that basic sense yet still would like to cook at home there is a simple solution. Don't make it hard on yourself.

Most people don't like to cook at home because they think that means special ingredients and/or expensive ingredients, recipes to follow as well as not having the time, effort and money to be a good home cook.

The Brainy Gourmet offers this brainy advice... 1st make it simple and that means keep a basic pantry and learn what you can do with that much making it taste good. Its almost a no brainier when you think about it. Check the side bar for the basic pantry list. You will see items like cheese, potatoes, heavy cream and eggs. Combine these and you will have a wonderful casserole.

Cook a whole chicken and make three to four different kinds of soup throughout the week. You can even use the stock for a wide variety of other meals which need a sauce, a broth or liquid to keep veggies from burning and remaining firm enough to grab all the flavor in a stir fry.

So, get cooking and enjoy home cooked food!

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