Tuesday, April 18, 2017

After A Holiday Dinner ~ Detox with Soup!

A soup detox after a holiday meal is a brainy idea because its healthy for your system so the experts say. I for one as the Brainy Gourmet agree with experts because I know too that a homemade soup is a good detox based on my own experience. And, if you did cook Easter dinner at home, there is likely a ham bone or turkey wing that you can use for the stock. If not, then make a fresh stock as you like using bouillon.

The key to a refreshing detox soup is in the combination of veggies and spices. Usually, a detox soup is not one that cannot morph into something new as it is essentially a one or two day deal, having a special purpose. As you have read my previous blog posts, I strongly recommend making soups that can and do morph. Which means you start with a stock and over the week or next five days that stock becomes a variety of soups.

Today, however, its detox soup which requires certain veggies and spices to be blended into an inspiring and reinvigorating cleanse. For this, I prefer to use leek instead of onion, celery stalk, wild parsnip, young carrot, cloves of garlic, fresh spinach leaves or beet root tops and fresh diced tomatoes. Spices used are: kosher salt, fresh ginger, dried mint, white pepper and coriander. Use about one tsp of each, spicing it up as you go if you prefer a stronger taste when it comes to pepper, ginger and mint.

ReFresh Yourself!

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