Monday, November 27, 2017

Turkey Burnout or Turkey Burners?

Hard to gather up with a dinner idea after Thanksgiving... and, enough already with the leftover casseroles and deserts that became strange smoothies for breakfast, right? 

However, its not over yet at our house. The Brainy Gourmet is using the last of the turkey as soup for dinner today. Its a no brainer really, just get some chicken stock, add the last of the turkey meat diced, a couple of diced carrots, celery and Bobs your uncle. You can cream it or leave it clear.

Probably, you are already one step ahead having made soup from leftover turkey. And, maybe not. Try adding some fresh grated ginger and feel as if you have been cleansed.

Soup is good, but now, for the bigger issue on many minds... how to burn off the turkey and everything else that went with it.

The one thing the Brainy Gourmet does is dance; but, if you are more athletic, here are eight simple 'turkey burner' exercises you can do without special equipment:

1. Jog in place.
Warm up by jogging in place for 30 seconds.
2. Speed skaters.
Speed skaters are a fun way to work your whole body. From a standing position, take a big step to the right (like a side lunge). Bring your left leg behind you, and the left arm in front of you. Repeat on the opposite side and continue alternating sides for 30 seconds.
3. Mountain climbers.
From high plank position, engage your core and bring your right leg up to your right elbow. Switch and bring your left knee to your left elbow. Continue alternating sides for 30 seconds.
4. Split squat jumps.
Standing with feet shoulder width apart, jump into a lunge. Quickly jump and switch legs in mid-air. Repeat for 30 seconds.
5. Push ups.
There are lots of variations of push ups. If you can, perform this exercise with traditional push ups. But if you can’t, you could do push ups on your knees, on an incline, or even standing using a wall.
6. Crunches.
Be sure when you perform crunches you utilize your abs. Your arms and neck may try to take over doing the work. One way to avoid this is by keeping your arms at your sides or reaching in front of you (instead of behind your head).
7. Predator jacks.
Predator jacks are a variation on traditional jumping jacks. Instead of arms and legs moving out like in an X, you’ll keep your arms parallel to your chest and bring them out to your sides while simultaneously jumping into a squat. Jump back in and repeat.
8. Burpees.
Burpees are one of the best exercises you can do. Some people may not like them but they’re quick and effective — a total body workout. Do as many burpees as you can.

 As for a finale... cool down by gently stretching!

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