Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sugar is still the Culprit!

Though often said, its worthy repeating... Sugar is still the Culprit.

Many food blogs promote recipes that have added sugar in the recipe. One often finds in recipes the use of sugar directly to create a sweet taste or to balance the sour or savory; and thus, sugar is added to sauces or the use of sugary dressings...

The Brainy Gourmet has always advocated using the natural flavor in food to create that desired taste of balanced sweet and savory. So, if you like your food sweeter than savory, use the natural sweetness in vegetables; without adding sugar!

Did you know that potatoes are a starchy type of vegetable, they contain starch carbohydrates. Yes, they have a high glycemic index but they don't spike as a sugar as often concluded. Potatoes are a starch and as such eventually convert into glucose and that means that the burn of such sugar uses sugar to burn in the digestion process. So, that is a good process.

Again, potatoes also have naturally occurring sugar, but it converts to glucose in a different manner than does pasta, or cake, candy and pie or even carrots and bananas. A medium-sized, 4-ounce potato has about 2 grams of natural sugar, a type of simple carbohydrate. Your system uses glucose to fuel every cell, so having carbohydrates in your diet is important.

That is why, there is nothing wrong with good ole meat and potatoes for dinner!

There's no added sugar there.

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