Monday, June 26, 2017

Fresh Caught Atlantic Salmon!

In my earlier blogs, I had listed prices to show the low cost of 'brainy' cooking at home and I provided more detailed instruction. To be more blog friendly, I have stopped listing costs and detailed instructions. The point is that I want to encourage my readers to be brainy gourmets; to seek value for money and to begin to cook at home in a more spontaneous way: using basic ingredients, fresh herbs, color, and smell to guide their 'your' path in being a brainy gourmet.

Today, for ole time sake, I will provide costs in order to show you that being brainy is still about flavor and frugality. Buy at your local Aldi, fresh caught salmon which is not as expensive as you think. A package of two large fresh caught Atlantic salmon fillets cost about 7-8 dollars; that means for two people the cost was 3.87 per person. Grab a 5 lb bag of potatoes for around three dollars and a package of asparagus for two dollars. Do the math and you will see that this dinner cost less than 10 dollars per person. There is no restaurant in America where you can get this dinner for that price. Cooking at home is Brainy delicious and frugal!!!!

To begin, prior to searing your fillets, turn on the oven to 375. Wash and quarter yellow gold potatoes to be roasted in the oven, doused with olive oil and dried herbs. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice is a great substitute for salt. Roast as many potatoes as you need for about 45-50 min. As the end of that time approaches, take a skillet and on high heat sear the fillets in olive oil and spices: garlic powder, red pepper flakes and some lemon or lime juice.

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Once seared to blackened, you can turn down the heat and add 2 pats of butter and let simmer while you prepare the asparagus.Wash and cut the asparagus, remove the salmon and in that same skillet add the spears also to be blackened. The potatoes should be finishing up, ladle onto a serving plate, lay on the salmon fillets.

~ Tutti a Tavola!

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