Monday, June 26, 2017

Cooking and Cleaning with Lemons ~ Citrus Limon!

Lemons were first cultivated in Europe around Genoa Italy in the mid-fifteenth century. The lemon is a yellow citrus fruit with a juicy acidic pulp, a sour flavor, a white inner pith, and an aromatic rid. Lemons appear to have been used originally for their antiseptic properties and as ornamental trees.

Today, lemons are considered on of the most important ingredients in many cuisines. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice on just about anything is an excellent salt substitute.

The lemon also has plenty of kitchen uses as an all purpose cleaner, deodorizer, vegetable wash, dish-washing and laundry boost, stain remover and not to mention pot scrubber, t-shirt whitener and fabric softener. There are also numerous personal uses: sore throat soother, bad breath fighter, hair highlighter, constipation combatant, age spot antidote, nail brighter and chewing gum remover.

So, if you are serving fish and like a squeeze of lemon, remember all the other uses and recipes like chicken picata that have lemon as an essential ingredient. And, a slice on a cup of tea or glass of ice tea is invigorating to say the least!

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