Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sugar is Still the Culprit...

Sugar in the American diet is still the main culprit. There are well intended cooks, chefs, foodies out there that continually laud over food as good for you yet it contains unnecessary added sugar.

Very often, you can find recipes that call for added sugar and salt when it is not necessary. People often give up on cooking and eating really delicious foods like potatoes. Yes, they are high on the glycemic index but that kind of a carb (as a side with meat) can be balanced within a daily intake.

Just stop eating processed junk food, stop eating sugary salad dressings, stop eating sugary snacks and deserts so that you can enjoy a wonderful vegetable like a potato - baked or mashed.

Most all, don't cook with sugar, don't add sugar to recipes and don't buy food with added sugar. The best cooks know the foods they use and the amount of natural sugar in them as well as savory flavors in foods. Begin by cooking with the basics and expand with natural flavors and be amazed in knowing how much sugar you really don't need.

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