Monday, May 22, 2017

Recipes don't work ~ We don't need them!

When you think of a chef likely the first thing that pops into your mind is French cuisine made by a French chef. We imagine that they have some kind of knack or magical talent when it comes to food. 

Borrowing from Michael Booth, English food and travel writer, one has to ask what is that the French know about cooking? They know that you don't need a recipe. Because, every step-by-step recipe is likely doomed to failure. The first reason they fail is plain old human error: recipes can be badly written, obliquely explained, or not properly tested; mistakes may have been made with measurements, temperatures or the order you do things; or there are simply typos in the text. Then there are the expensive ingredients or missing steps.

Did you ever get the impression that most food blogs, magazines and cookbooks set you up for failure as they rub in your face glossy, art-directed photographs or videos that make it all look easy? If you go by their step-by-step procedure. If they were honest, the first line of most recipes would be: "First, take your food stylist and renowned studio photographer..."

Did you don't need a license to write a recipe book? There is no Recipe Monitoring Board, and no legislation to invoke when things go wrong. Can you imagine, if we could be free from the tyranny of recipe 'pros' and 'promoters' and just cook by ourselves without their help. We would skip gaily through our local farmers' market or supermarket, choosing whatever is in season, on special offer or just takes our fancy and, once at home, create our own meals.

This is exactly what the Brainy Gourmet has advocated since day one. Check out the basic pantry list on the side margin of this blog as well as previous blog posts and get cooking.  

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