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Thursday, February 16, 2017

World Foods ~ Brainy Cardamom Chicken - Masala Murgh

Indian food is spicy food and for that reason full of flavor! And, its brainy simple to make at home. If you have chicken, rice, potatoes, some root veggies, green pepper, garlic and onion... then you are half way there.

For this dish, the required spices are: cardamom (good substitute: combine equal amounts of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg), paprika, black pepper, garlic powder and dried herbs. You will also need one small can of tomato paste, some coconut cream which can be substituted with heavy cream adding a dash of coconut extract. Now, if you can't find good coconut extract as in 'real' then make your own using: distilled water, organic alcohol, organic agave syrup, and organic coconut milk.

Begin by sauteing on med heat one whole chopped onion and green pepper as well as chopped carrots and parsnips if you like in 2-3 tbs. coconut oil and lots of butter (half stick).  Cube as much chicken as you need (using skinless/boneless chicken breast). Once the onion, pepper and root veggies are tender and browned, push aside in the skillet and add your chicken. Turn up the heat a bit and sear the cubes on all sides.

Reduce the heat, bring back in the onion, pepper and root veggies and begin to add your seasonings. The best way to learn how much is to add a little at a time and know what you like. You can always add more; begin with about 1/2 tsp of all listed spices adding more if you want to spice it up. Next, add the cream and tomato paste, sprinkle in the dried herbs: mint or parsley/cilantro or lavender and oregano stir it all up, cover and simmer while you prepare a side of either potatoes or rice. You can also keep out the root veggies to roasted along with potato spears as a side for the Masala Murgh.

*If you yourself or someone else in the family does not like onion, green pepper or any of the root veggies listed or maybe you like one and not the other, then make your own substitutions or just eliminate. Will the taste be the same?  Personally, the onion is rather important and garlic but not both and green pepper just adds a sweetness.

*The key taste is in the spice combinations used. The best test for right use of spice combinations is by smell. If you don't like the way a spice smells, likely you won't like the taste. Use the above recommended substitutes and enjoy a taste of India.

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