Tuesday, February 14, 2017

From Italy with Love ~ Happy Valentine's Day!

Verona is known as the quintessential lovers' town and on this day the town organizes plenty of events. You can dine on the shore of Lake Garda, run the "Romeo and Juliet" half marathon, watch the "Opera in love - Romeo and Juliet" hosted in the Chiesetta di Santa Maria in Chiavica, see what are the new trends in weddings at the Verona Sposi fair.  And, best of all... the town is decorated in red and hosts a themed market in the Piazza dei Signori.

What is the Brainy Gourmet serving on this day in keeping with Italian celebrations? Ravioli of course... little pillows of love. 

Now, if you are not into making homemade ravioli don't worry... its a chore that requires time and a skillful hand. Thankfully, there are Italian delis with plenty of ravioli to choose from and even some grocery stores that keep a nice variety in the frozen section. 

The first photo is a plate of ravioli filled with smoked Gouda and shredded chicken served with poached salmon. The second plate shows ravioli filled with mushrooms served with steamed asparagus and the last photo shows crab filled ravioli with a thick creamy tomato vodka sauce. 

When you get home today, set a pot of water to boil (with a pinch of salt), drop in your pillows of love, put together a sauce of diced tomatoes with garlic or do crushed tomatoes with cream and a drop of the 'grain'; then, you can celebrate with your Valentine!

If dinner isn't possible, fix a Valentine's day breakfast - Crepes with Fresh Fruits...see past brainy posts

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