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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Brainy Frugality in a Bag ~The Art of shopping!

Its wonderful to see more and more grocery stores offering 'individual' loosely sold vegetables as well as meat and cheese products as they did/do in some markets. Why is that wonderful? Because, its brainy. Buying in bulk is not necessarily frugal unless its a dry product packaged to have a long shelf life like pasta.

It is much more frugal to buy only what you need for a single meal and at the same time keep only the very basics stocked up in the pantry. See the side bar on this blog for the basic pantry list.

In this busy life we all seem to be leading, we sometimes have to come up with an idea for dinner at the last minute and if you can grab one zucchini and two mushrooms on your way home... not only will it be fresh and tasty but frugal.

For instance, you could be clueless as what to do with a  round steak you took from the freezer in the morning. Giving it some time, an idea comes. You drop by the grocer and grab a zucchini, a green pepper and two mushrooms. When everyone comes to the table, it looks like you schemed dinner all day long. Try a simple stir fry of beef/mushrooms and green pepper served with spinach infused pasta in a grated zucchini paste which is achieved by coarsely grating one young zucchini, skin on and mixing it in with olive oil then blended in with the pasta just before serving.

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