Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Polynesian Chicken with Green Peppers and Zucchini

Being a brainy gourmet is just being.. brainy. Its really about pleasing the people you love. Once in a while, you just want to wow them. Though, I have never been to Polynesia it sounds beautiful from a Midwest perspective. Essentially, the wow factor in any gourmet dish is of course the taste and that can come from the uniqueness of the food item or the sauce that it is served under. This one is all about the sauce.

For this dish, you will need to buy ordinary chicken thighs with the skin on and bone in, there is just more flavor in them. You will also need to have on hand: 1 green pepper, 1 zucchini, 1 onion, apricot jam, and fresh ginger or you can use a ready made ginger and apricot teriyaki sauce. Also, you will need maple smoked bacon, and fresh grated coconut.

To begin, you will prepare your side dish first. Take a large covered skillet and saute on high heat chopped onion, and green pepper in 2 tbs of coconut oil and 3 tbs of red pepper seasoned olive oil, adding to taste - red pepper flakes, garlic powder, chili powder and dried mint as well as rosemary. If you want it hot and spicy, then be generous but not overpowering. Slice your zucchini into wide shavings. Toss them in as well and stir fry. Reduce heat to low covered for 2 min and remove from the skillet.

Using the same skillet, add again coconut oil and the seasoned olive oil, add all the same seasonings to the oils. Take 2 strips of maple smoked bacon and lay them into the skillet, browning on both sides, not letting them crisp up. Remove the bacon (setting the strips aside) and, lay in your chicken thighs skin side down to sear on high heat, 3 min per side. Turn the heat to medium and cover for 6 min.  Finally, pour out 3/4 cup of apricot/ginger teriyaki sauce cover the thighs, return the bacon laying the strips over the thighs, cover and simmer on med/low heat for 25- 30min.

Top with grated coconut just before serving.

 ~ Tutti a Tavola!

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