Monday, May 23, 2016

Chicken with Mushrooms and Onions~ Fast and Frugal!

Mountain cooking, means mushrooms!

How can you not follow a recipe, right? Ask a chef and they will tell you. You don't have to follow a recipe if you are brainy. And, being brainy comes from knowing what you foods you can put together and what you cannot. What you like and don't' like taste wise and how much time you want to spend. If you have been a follower and have at least read the brainy tips... then you know what I mean. Chef Eric Damidot is a brainy chef, like the brainy gourmet. You only need a few basic items to get any gourmet meal going and served.

Being fast and frugal cooking, and certainly gourmet cooking is fast and frugal, means using what you have to the best of your knowledge. Most good foods are built on basic items: eggs, butter, cream, cheese, potatoes, and garlic, onions, and of course fresh herbs. To that, you can add any meat or fish and other veggies, including mushrooms.

Tonight, we had onions with mushrooms and chicken breasts with a side of spinach infused pasta and as well it could have been with eggs or potatoes. To get started, saute your onion and mushrooms in a blend of olive oil and coconut oil. How much? I always use the same 3 tbs of each. If I see a little more is needed, I add. To that, add your herbs. How much? As much as you like. I love rosemary, mint and oregano. From time to time, some lavender and coriander. Add slowly, you can always add more. If you dump in a bunch from the get go, you won't be able to take any out.

Push aside your onion and mushrooms after they have browned and lay in your halved chicken breasts. Add a bit more olive oil and turn up the heat. Since, using the same skillet, with the onion and mushroom pushed over to one side, slide your skillet over so that only the one half of the skillet with the breasts is directly on the high heat end. Brown the breasts. If it seems that things are drying up, add some white wine... also a basic on Damidot's list. When the chicken breasts are cooked on both sides, move the onion and mushroom back over and add 1/2 cup of heavy cream.  Cover and simmer on low heat while your prepare the pasta or whatever side you like.

its incredibly juicy...

~ Tutti a Tavola!

ps. How can you be frugal if you don't measure... go easy; remember how much items cost or how much time and effort you put in to get those items whether store bought or homegrown and you'll be frugal about it.

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