Monday, April 11, 2016

Does the Brainy Gourmet Ever Eat Out?

Someone asked, "Does the Brainy Gourmet ever eat out or buy anything already made? Of course, is the answer. However, eating out is not frugal, its fast but it can be expensive especially on a daily basis. The Brainy Gourmet is about being fast but especially about being frugal as well as being as conscious about food quality as it is possible these days.

When you are busy with whatever you have to do concerning family, friends and work either at home or outside of home, then you don't always have time to cook from scratch or maybe you just forgot to put the chicken out to thaw or simply do not have time to shop for dinner. What can you do in a pinch if eating out as is out of the question.

Thankfully, there are more and more grocers offering fresh cooked food. They offer what they deem to be organic, or farm fresh, garden fresh, free ranged, home cooked or something like it. From time to time, we find ourselves having to believe in the label or logo and going for it just because of the lack of time to cook and the number one factor being that everybody is hungry.

I find that in such a situation, a deli bought rotisserie chicken (labeled free range/or farm fresh) is a fast and reasonable frugal solution. You can put together a green salad, or quick soup or any veggie side and dinner is served. Yes, we want to and even have to believe that the label is what it says it is whether bought at the deli, taken from the meat or frozen section or even off the shelf. We have to trust because we don't all have the means to produce our own food from start to finish. Not everyone lives on a farm or has the opportunity to raise their own food mostly due to work constraints and local ordinances. Rotisserie chicken has been a blessing at our house on many occasions.

Serve the Brainy Gourmet way "Say a blessing and eat up! "A man/woman is not defiled by what enters his/her mouth, but by what comes out of it" ~ Matthew 15:11.

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