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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Simple ~ Soup, Bread and Pierogi

Spend a wintry evening with soup, bread and pierogi 

There is nothing better than expecting a hot bowl of soup, pierogi and bread on a wintry evening. 
So, let's begin. The best soup for such a night is a hot chicken soup, mostly stock with noodles served with a thick slice of fresh baked, crusty top loaf of rye or wheat bread and of course spread with sweet creamy butter; followed by potato and cheese filled pierogi.  I ate such a dinner many times and though simple I remember it as the best food ever.

To make the chicken soup 'stock', you start by boiling a whole chicken or whatever chicken pieces you have. I have even used the back and neck to make stock.  Add to that one whole onion, as well as salt and pepper to taste. If you have any concentrated chicken bouillon, one cube is enough or tsp.
Prepare your noodles separately so that the stock can morph into something else by the end of the week.

The bread, well if you bake, then by all means bake a fresh loaf using your favorite flour. I really miss the convenience of a baker. In Warsaw, there were small bakeries that did just bread. They were kiosk bakeries as they were operated from a small cabin like store that usually stood on the corner near a bus stop. They stayed open til 6 and were open at 6. Sometimes, you had to stand outside before you could get in to buy.

As for making pierogi from scratch, is not easy. The dough should not be handled too much. If you don't mind store bought, I suggest Mrs. T's, a brand that has been around a long time. I wish I could visit the eastern border again, where you could get homemade as big as your hand.

"Give us this day our daily bread" Matthew 6:11

 Finish dinner with homemade applesauce!

Jest dobrze bo jest dobrze ~ 

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