Saturday, February 21, 2015

Brainy Homemade Pizza

Pizza is everybody's all American...

Of course, its all about the dough. But, then dough is not as difficult as you think. The trick is to get the right consistency and not to handle it too much. All you need is yeast, flour, salt, oil and cold water ~ to get the crispy effect. I mix 2 and half - 3  (go easy with flour, adding as you go) cups of flour with one package of active yeast (diluted in warm water); then, I add 1 tsp of salt (no sugar) and 2 tbs of olive oil. Mix this using a fork to get a pebble texture (you may need more oil, if pebbles don't appear) and then add your icy cold water a little at a time as you go ... At this point, I dive into mixing by using my hands/fingers to mix feeling my way toward the right consistency which is sticky but not too sticky. If you can get it off your hands and fingers just by rubbing, you are in the right place with the dough.  Let it rise in a warm oven for two hours, then take it out and spread onto a well greased pizza pan. From there, add your toppings. Being brainy as in frugal means that this one has mac and cheese 'leftover' on one side and bacon/pineapple/green pepper on the other side. Pop in the oven and bake til bubbly and crispy.

Yum Big Time!

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