Monday, December 15, 2014

Heavy Cream in the Fridge, why is it so valuable to the brainy gourmet???

Having heavy cream in the fridge is an absolute must. It is incredibly valuable because of its many uses. That is why it is so frugal for the brainy gourmet at your house.

My number one use is for sauces/gravies. I also like to add it to soups and cold coffee. You can whip it up and instantly have a desert topping. You can use it for baking, for pancakes, for crepes, for hot cereal and even added to cottage cheese as a quick fix when the 'cottage' gets a bit curdy as in dry not moldy.

One pint lasts me a week for all the above uses and at a cost of $1.89 it is brainy; whether, you are making a new meal or having left overs, its frugal way to stretch any budget. Though I use heavy cream in my cooking, I stretch out one pint over several days; which means that I am not drinking a pint a day or using that much in every dish/meal I cook. The amount of calories and fat from using heavy cream are thus stretched out in every dish/meal. Read my blog on "Don't Fear the Fat". Every human brain needs a certain amount of fat everyday to be brainy. And for the creamiest scrambled eggs, use heavy cream.
For inspiration watch Chef Rene Orduna cook with heavy cream on youtube!

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