Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Good Housekeeping this New Year...

Did you know that housework and cooking are therapeutic? Its a time to think and get some exercise.

If you prefer your own cooking to eating out, then you know a kitchen well organized is worth its weight in gold. Whether you have a small cooktop or huge range all pots/pans and skillets should be easily accessible. 

It is wise not to stack Teflon pots/pans/skillets one inside the other without some kind of surface protection. Try using a cardboard cake bottom.

Often, a small prepping and cooking space is easier to manage and clean up. Did you know that you don't need gadgets, contraptions and or large heavy counter equipment to be a brainy gourmet?  A simple cutting board and a knife is enough.

The best prep surface is a European beach-wood round block. This wood cutting block has a tight, smooth surface and is easy to care for; just use a clean hot cloth with distilled white vinegar to clean deep. Finish the job with rub of olive oil.

Other brainy tips: When stacking glass bowls one inside the other take care to protect them. Try using either white or brown wrapping paper, bubble wrap or air-pack sheets that you can save from shipped packages to put between each bowl.

For cleaning stainless steel... try an antibacterial microfiber cloth. Remember, good housekeeping means you will eat and live better!

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