Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dressing up Left Overs or Just Changing up one of Your Favorites...

We all have a habit of cooking the same things over and over and likely its because its our favorite and we know how to make it and make it right. Having leftovers can be a kind of habit too which is not a bad thing, we all leftovers. Since the Brainy Gourmet is about frugality, then there is no chance to waste good food, including leftovers.

Some leftovers have to be handled differently, as some foods stand better in the fridge for 2-3 days (properly contained) than others. Soups and sauces and stews even gain in flavor.

You can reuse meatloaf in a layered casserole with mashed potatoes and that my mother used to do. And, certainly over the course of blogging, we have discussed how stock can morph into a variety of soups throughout the week.

And, what about changing things up when it comes to your favorite meal. Sometimes you think you should add something else just to make it appear new or different. So, when everyone sits to the table they go "Wow" and or "That Looks Great"!

To change things up, you can make a new sauce to top just about any meat or vegetable. If it already calls for sauce you may want to add some new twist to make it appear as something brand new. You can try by adding different herb combinations to change the flavor of the sauce, or by adding a spicy mustard, or cheese, chopped onion, sun dried tomatoes or fruits, tomato paste, honey, pine nuts... just get creative - be brainy! ~ Tutti a Tavola!

*Check past brainy blogs on basic sauces and change up your favorite meal today!

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