Friday, December 22, 2017

Set a Christmas table so merry... they won't ever forget!

Whatever you are cooking this holiday, set your Christmas table simply and as elegant as possible. Use white dishes, they show off the food better...making even the smallest tasty tidbit stand out on the plate in terms of eye appealing color. Use white napkins (cloth or a quality tissue napkin) and please not use paper towels. As for glassware, make it clear and the silverware clean and basic.

It takes no more time to set a simple table in this way than it would to put out paper plates or a mishmash of brightly patterned ceramic. The key is to be mindful of giving your friends and family a homemade holiday experience they always remember!

You can decorate for the season by using wood, pine cones, fresh green bow/sprig cuttings or holly; and, instead of putting down a woven plastic or bamboo like place-mat, find something that will reflect your love and time spent to create that homemade touch...and because of your brainy extra effort, your family will feel and be blessed!

Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

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