Sunday, December 10, 2017

Baked Cheese for Christmas ~ Brie, soup and bread... a Brainy Gift

How to begin this wonderful exotic French/Italian combination? Start with soup, its a no brainer. Yes, I do say that often; but, that's because it is. The pork butt stock you still have from a few days ago is just waiting to become something new.

As I said, keep the stock clear as it can morph into amazing soups. For a Minestrone, just boil any tortellini pasta on the side, saute some zucchini or green beans and tomato together in olive oil, add Italian sausage if you want; and, when all is done, add to bowls and pour hot stock over the top into individual serving bowls along with the cooked pasta... simple as that.

As for the baked Brie, follow the pictures...

Bake on 375 for as long as it takes to see a brown top and oozing cheese. For a little bit different take, before wrapping and baking, slice the Brie in half and insert sun dried tomatoes or olives or spinach, put the two halves back together like a sandwich wrap with the croissant dough and bake.

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