Thursday, March 16, 2017

Set the Table and Bring them Around!

Whether you are feeding family or friends, set the table and set the table every night if you can. It does not have to be creative or fancy or expensively dressed. It just has to show you care about your family and or friends. Too many food blogs show a quick meal to fix where everyone gathers around a pot and digs in with a corn chip or the catch is you can eat on the run.

Sure there can and will be an evening/night like that, people today have busy lives. But, if you are busy working for someone else or busy working for this or that, you can and should find the time to be a little busy for your family and or friends.

A set table really says you care about what your nearest and dearest eat, and what you expect them to think about and how to behave. A set table suggests civility, calmness and peace.

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