Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Makes the Brainy Gourmet Different?

Looking at so many food blogs one wonders if posting as I do makes any difference. Of course, blogging is about sharing. And, online recipes are helpful. However, a brainy gourmet does not need a recipe. What, no recipe? That's right. Why? Because good food is easy to make ~ 'gourmet'. That is what's different about the Brainy Gourmet blog - the ease and joy of cooking and also the art of frugality! Being frugal is a passion for the Brainy Gourmet and can be for any home chef. Being frugal is wise and always tasty.

Frugality is about taking soup stock and making it into five different soups by the end of the week or a base for other sauces or stews. It is about keeping a simple pantry stocked with items that can make any dinner into a gourmet meal.

At the beginning of the week, buy a piece of quality meat or a whole chicken.  Take out a stock pot, fill with water half way and lay in your meat. If you are a vegetarian, then put in your veggies. Cook this stock until the meat is fully cooked; then lift out the meat and save your stock. The meat can be reserved for other dishes during the week or used the same day for dinner.

The stock can become any kind of soup you like. The key is to not add too much to the stock, no vegetables (unless you can strain them out) and no pasta or rice. Pasta or rice can be cooked on the side to be added to each bowl individually. For instance, if you decide you want tomato soup, then take some stock, add tomato paste and cook. Leave out the rice or pasta, cook it on the side as suggested. The reason for this is that this soup can become spaghetti sauce the next day. That's frugality!

Check out the webpage www.brainygourmet.com and click on archives - Get Brainy, Be Frugal!

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