Monday, September 21, 2015

Who's the Boss of the Applesauce!

Who's the boss of the applesauce at your house?

I say the one who picks the apples, cleans them peels them and makes the sauce! Its that time of year and our tree has done us proud. But, that means a lot of picking, cleaning, peeling and sauce making. But, guess what. Come winter it pays off big time!

You need to buy or pick from your trees all the apples you can work with in one day's canning. Clean, peel, core, dice, and cook adding 1/2 of sugar to every pound. Once the apples appear to be getting sauce like, you know you are ready to jar. The jars must be cleaned in boiling water, lids as well. Keep them hot and ready to be used. Ladle in the sauce and twist on the lids. Set aside and wait for the snap of the lid coming down for a tight seal. This is the key to preserving.

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