Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moderation is Key to Enjoying Good Food!

This fall, a new report has come out that says recommendations used to draw up the guidelines for good health are flawed. A new draft of the U.S. dietary guidelines comes out every five years and sets the standard both nationally and in much of the Western world. This year’s advice is seeking to make some key changes, notably to stop the demonization of eggs and dietary cholesterol and ease restrictions on salt intake, instead limiting sugar and meat intake — while also giving an OK to moderate coffee consumption. 

The Brainy gourmet has known that sugar is the culprit. Check brainy archives from last year. The latest experts’ advice including several high-profile studies show saturated fat isn’t necessarily linked to disease risk. These studies have shown mixed health outcomes for saturated fats. 

The brainy gourmet has always advocated that the key is moderation to enjoying good food.  What is good food? Ingredients that are as fresh as possible. No boxed or packaged items including spices mixes. Though not easy to come by and afford, there is always something fresh you can buy or can be easily grown and harvested - tomatoes for one. 


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